Glass Industry

Control and monitor glass production - from the feeder and the melter to the conditioner. View the toproller marks in the bath, waist and glass exit: PIEPER's television systems show you all the major stages of production.

Digital process systems assure automatic tweel control and electronic width measurement, and PIEPER's UV-sensitive probe systems allow for flames to be precisely assessed.

For the production of flat glass, toproller adjustment and positions are of paramount importance. Whilst, with conventional CCTV technology, the float bath is controlled by using up to twenty standard furnace cameras, the OPZ system technology developed by PIEPER GmbH allows for that number to be drastically reduced (abt. half).

That innovative and cost-cutting progress has been made possible by a new furnace lens design and the use of advanced and sophisticated CCD cameras with digital process and position control: Owing to the revolutionary OPZ technology, only one camera is required to precisely control the positions of two toprollers.

The furnace cameras' horizontal angle of image can be remotely controlled from the control station, in a range of 60°C in total (+45°C to -15°C). In addition, the image position can be selected via an electronic 4-fold zoom, so that the tracking marks, glass distance and other details can be precisely recorded and assessed.

The development and introduction of PIEPER GmbH's OPZ system technologies is an important step into future, strengthening and expanding the company's leading position in the international market of furnace television technology.


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