Transport & Traffic

For the monitoring and control of traffic processes, tracking and documentation of goods movements and for ensuring the reliability and public safety, reliable camera systems are required, which have to deliver at any time day or night and even under difficult ambient conditions quality, evaluable images. 

For these demanding applications, the Pieper GmbH provides a variety of technical solutions, products and related accessories. 

  • Camera and specialty camera systems for all requirements 
  • Consoles, monitor and screen walls 
  • Video and alarm management systems 
  • Signal transmission and signal distribution systems 


As Q1 supplier of DB AG Pieper GmbH offers standard TV systems and safety-related components and TV systems, the authorization concerns a required by the Federal Railway Authority (EBA). These include e.g.:

  • TV equipment at level crossings 
  • TV systems for central and local determination to ensure the train is in running order 
  • TV systems for infrastructure inspection 


The Pieper GmbH develops powerful and reliable TV solutions for different application areas of airports, such as: 

  • Apron monitoring 
  • Terminal monitoring 
  • Luggage / baggage distribution 
  • Outer perimeter surveillance and perimeter protection 
  • Long-range and thermal imaging camera systems 


To ensure the smooth operation lock for manual or remote controlled locks and dams the Pieper GmbH offers complete video surveillance and communication systems according to the recommendations of the Office for Transportation Technology (FVT) Koblenz. 

  • FVT approved camera systems 
  • Seawater resistant camera housing 
  • Complete control stations and remote control panels 
  • Network video and data transmission technology with low bandwidth requirements 
  • 4-wire and IP communication systems 


Pieper video systems for public transport help to improve the safety of the driving gesture, prevent damage due to vandalism and maintain a smooth traffic operation. 

  • Special camera systems for tunnel monitoring 
  • Video and data transmission systems for long distances 
  • Outer perimeter surveillance and perimeter protection 


The Pieper GmbH has a long experience in the development and installation of TV systems for the transport and logistics sector. Together with our customers and selected technology partners, we are planning the construction of new plants and the modernization or expansion of existing video systems. We will be happy to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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