Industrial Applications

Furnace CCTV Systems for Temperature Ranges up to 2400°C 

Since 1968, PIEPER GMBH have been designing, manufacturing and installing complete industrial television systems for use in high-temperature applications and furnace chambers of all types. PIEPER's furnace chamber CCTV systems are custommade to specification and individual requirements, and stand out for highest quality and reliability. Extensive experience over many years, continuous development of the systems and the use of innovative technologies have made PIEPER one of the leading manufacturers worldwide in that special field! 


Main fields of application

  • Glass Industry 
  • Metal Industry 
  • Cement Industry 
  • Power Plants 
  • Chemical Industry 
  • Waste Incineration 

Video surveillance and monitoring of processes in high-temperature applications are a technical challenge that can only be managed safely and reliably by using perfect and proven technology. 


Pieper Furnace CCTV Technology

  • PIEPER's water-cooled furnace probes are temperatureresistant up to 2400°C. 
  • The temperature at the place of installation may be up to 150°C. 
  • The probe sighthole and the lenses kept free from dust by using oilfree purging air or protective gas. 
  • For use in aggressive or corrosive environments, PIEPER's product range provides various probe jackets in special alloys and with special coatings. 
  • The total structure, incl. camera technology, is shock and vibrationresistant. 
  • Adjustment to different furnace wall thicknesses is achieved by selecting the appropriate furnace probes; to this end, PIEPER produce various standard lenghts and customer-specific special lenghts. 
  • Special probe jackets enable operation with different heating media. 
  • Installation of a vacuum flange with precise sealing and pressure rings allow for the PIEPER furnace probes to be adapted to vacuum vessels.

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