Steel Industry

PIEPER GmbH design and manufacture a number of various furnace probes, including accessories, for process monitoring in blast furnaces, melters, vacuum containers (VD/RH) and other types of furnace chambers.

When planning and constructing furnace probes, all specific local conditions and requirements are considered at an early stage, especially:

  • type of furnace and melt
  • different furnace wall thicknesses
  • required probe length
  • probe view angles
  • temperature at place of installation
  • temperature at probe tip
  • ambient conditions in furnace
  • heating media used
  • place of installation in furnace (rigid installation or automatic retraction system)


Owing to PIEPER GmbH's many years of experience at international level, many more applications - apart from those stated above - can be implemented without problem. Our strength refers to the design and construction of complete and tailor-made furnace systems for every application whatsoever!

Other applications of PIEPER's furnace television engineering cover slab and continuous casting plants, slab transport systems, monitoring of reheating furnace chambers for slabs, slab shears, slab turnover devices as well as complete hot processing (rolling, pressing, etc.) in rolling mills.

In metallurgical plants and power stations, PIEPER's furnace systems are used for slag flow control, and for melt control in aluminium plants. Detailed information on furnace television systems is included in the FRS-T technical documentation.