Retraction Devices


Retraction device for furnace probes

ASZ series retraction devices provides protection for the furnace probes. In the case of operational faults, the probe is automatically brought out of the combustion chamber by the retraction device and the combustion chamber opening is sealed by the forced shutter. Through these measures, damage through overheating the probe, camera and lens is prevented. Furthermore the manual control of the ASZ-800 enables quick and easy maintenance work on the installed furnace probe and furnace camera. 

Key Features

  • Fully-automatic retraction of the combustion chamber probe out of the combustion chamber in cases where there is a failure of the coolant media, compressed air or electrical power. 
  • Service-friendly, economical servicing of the probe for maintenance without incurring costs for dismantling and installation 
  • Retaining of the adjustment of the installation position and the angle of view 
  • Local operation control or remote control via touch panel 
  • Use of pneumatically controlled linear actuators 
  • Variable installation depth of the probe, installation, independent of the position 
  • Forced shutter 
  • Corrosion resistant 
  • Different stroke lengths for different probe length available 
  • Designed for furnace probe diameters of 76 mm and 104 mm 
  • Option: equipped with furnace probes with 360 degree rotation 


The ASZ-800 series is compatible with our

  • axial and radial furnace probes series FRS 
  • illuminated furnace probes series FRS-LI 
  • furnace probes with 360 degree rotation
  • furnace probes with double viewing aperture
  • furnace probes with integrated temperature measurement 













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