Digital Image Processing


Early fire detection is becoming an increasingly “hot” topic, and it is what everyone is talking about. Many systems rely on a connection to a fire alarm control panel and work with calibrated thermal cameras measured in pixel-precise resolution. 

MOOG Pieper GmbH also has such systems as part of their services and has been using these successfully with customers for many years. Some examples include coal and refuse bunkers, and foundry implements and ladles, among many other industrial applications. However, these systems are usually very complicated to use and require a high degree of investment in manpower and money. 

However, it does not always have to be the super-luxury solution

Experience has shown us that there are also production areas where there is no need for such a (very expensive) system in order to guarantee/improve facility and workplace safety. 

In areas difficult to access within enclosed production halls, such support systems are indeed just what is needed. Usually, operators are merely supposed to be supported and alerted of an existing fire in order to be able to initiate the appropriate countermeasures.

Because of its low costs, a smoke detection system based on a visual camera can be used in many more locations within production and the warehouse, 

and – in most cases – is already profitable after the first time a fire is quickly prevented or extinguished due to rapid detection and alarm signalling. 

IP-based systems: flexibly integrated and adapted to customer needs

New directions, new opportunities! – this has been the motto of MOOG Pieper GmbH since November 2013.

An integral part of this motto is to combine cutting-edge systems and concepts with time-tested product solutions to create a convincing and innovative approach. 

By using our “Early Bird Smoke Catcher” system, we have succeeded in developing a new, future-proof approach for early fire detection. 

Our internally developed housing systems Cobra, Illuminator and the WUW-2252-E series serve as the basis. Here, the base unit (for Cobra and Illuminator housing) as well as the Q series by Axis (installed in the WUW-2252-E) provide visual indication and compensate for analytics servers, both having the SmokeCatcher© installed as an ACAP. The SmokeCatcher© is an algorithm for detecting smoke and is therefore useful for more than just motion detection (because it solely monitors pixel changes in the image). The system can be parametrised in the context of local conditions, and is also adaptive. It initiates alarm signals using a variety of triggers, connects the image to a central office and sends video sequences via e-mail, among many other things.

"Early Bird Smoke Catcher" in use

The system has its own watchdog for analysing activated operation modes, and reports displaced cameras and loss of focus immediately. If the glass of the camera/housing gets dirty over time, this will be recognised and reported to the user as an automated alarm signal. 

We know that each customer must meet different requirements and specific parameters. We are therefore able to optimally tailor software and hardware to your needs. We have virtually no limits when it comes to customer-specific developments of software applications, housing and complete systems.

We also carry out integration into an IBA system in order to synchronise records of video and process data. This combination further increases the added value of the system. After an incident of a fire, a precise evaluation helps you to optimise processes and safeguard future occurrences. When detecting a fire early on, an EBSC system has already proved effective and provided a return of investment. You and your company therefore have guaranteed security of investment!

Configuration example:

2x FK-N-WU-LI-6894-2-IQ – full-HD sensor in a pinhole industrial casing
2x NKB-6800-2-1 – base unit with 1 port
2x SmokeCatcher© channel licence
2x SmokeCatcher© service licence for 1 year
1x IES-0620 – industrial switch with 4x PoE and SFP uplink port
1x POW-4850 – PoE-ready power supply for IES-0620
1x NUC-PC – for displaying live images on a monitor (installed behind monitor)
1x IndigoVisionUltra – industrial video management software
2x IndigoVision-UL – single channel licence
2x IndigoVision-US – software upgrade plan for 1 year
1x RX-22 – 22” industrial monitor with Anti-Burn-in technology, protective glass and metal frame 


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