Complete Systems


The MOOG Pieper GmbH has now developed a monitoring solution that can be used immediately even in failure. If the housing or the sensor of the FULL HD MINI-INSPECTION system is destroyed or damaged, only the affected components must be replaced. A reconfiguration is not necessary, saving both time and costs.

The robust device also resists dust, vibration, shock and temperature fluctuations, making it ideal for industrial applications. Especially in optimized industrial environments, the size of the system plays a crucial role. Here you can install in a small space, the FULL HD MINI-INSPECTION system. The long cable of the sensor unit of twelve meters makes it possible to position the main unit where there is enough space.

The complete system is set up user-specific and consists of a base unit either for one or up to four cameras and an industrial PC with video management software and NVR recording. For an individual configuration and flexible expansion we provide further active and passive components. 

Keeps an eye on the production - anytime 

By the use of video management software and NVR recording production processes can be evaluated efficiently. Thus errors can be detected and remedied quickly and the production can be optimized. Also evolving trends are instantly recognizable. An economic analysis is also backed up by the use of IBA-compatible products that can synchronize the process data of the machine with the video data and store it in the system.













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